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The Yarn Club of the month contains:

1 skein 4-ply Pure Merino Wool (100 g) or 4-ply Reinforced Merino (100 g) or Lace Mohair/silk (50 g), or 1 sock kit in 4-ply Sock Merino 100 g + 20 g or 4-ply Sock Merino 100 g + 50 g (choose the options you want above 👆🏼)

+ 1 knitting accessorie
+ something tasty

The sock kits consist of 100 g + 20 g or 100 g + 50 g yarn. Feel free to use the small skein for the ribbed boarder, heel and toe, or make your own unique socks with stripes or patterns. 120 g of yarn is normally enough for a pair of socks up to size EU 46. 150 g should be enough for a pair of socks in size 39, as well as e.g. pulse warmers or a hat. Even though it's called sock kit, it can be used for all kinds of small garments, such as hats, mittens, scarves, etc.😉

The yarn is very soft, while being durable.

Suggestions for sock patterns (Norwegian):

Penny Socks
Ruffle Socks
Everyday Socks
Venus socks
Trocadero socks
Princess shuttle

More information

4-ply Pure Merino Wool
Extrafine merino wool is used for this yarn so that it feels soft and gentle on the skin. The yarn is spun with extra long fibers to get a yarn that is thin and strong with a silky feel. It is incredibly soft and elastic, and the threads are twisted in such a way that it gives extra strength to the yarn.

🐑 100% extra fine merino wool
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm | 👕 28 m/10 cm | 🧶 100 g = 400 m

4-ply Reinforced Merino
The extra fine merino blend makes this yarn luxuriously soft and elastic - this can be used directly next to the skin. A little nylon is added for extra durability. The yarn has a mother-of-pearl effect to it, and looks and feels exclusive because it is.

🐑 85% extra fine merino wool/15% nylon
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm | 👕 28 m/10 cm | 🧶 100 g = 400 m

Lace Mohair/silk
Mohair's softness depends primarily on the quality of the fibers. Superkid mohair comes from the first sorting, and is the softest and thinnest fibers you get from the mohair goat. The second sort is usually what is called kid mohair, which is also soft, but not as soft as superkid mohair. It can be used next to the skin, and provides incredibly light and airy garments. The silk gives the yarn a lovely, exclusive mother-of-pearl sheen, and mohair's ability to retain heat is approximately twice that of wool.

🐐 75% superkid mohair/25% mulberry silk
✔️ Untreated

🥢 3-5 mm | 👕 18-24 m/10 cm | 🧶 50 g = 420 m

4-ply Sock Merino
🐑 75% extra fine merino wool/25% nylon
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm | 👕 28 m/10 cm | 🧶 100 g = 420 m / 20 g = 84 m / 50 g = 210 m

Something tasty
Allergens: May contain milk, nuts and eggs.

This is how the Yarn Club works

The colorway is a secret until you open this month's yarn club package, but take the illustration as a starting point. 🤩🌈 We guarantee that these are unique colours/compositions made for the yarn club. In addition, you get two surprises in your package! 🥳

Unique Yarns Yarn Club sends out packages around the 1st of each month, so we'd like to have your registration by the 15th prior month. There is no lock-in period, nor is a subscription created, so you can order the package for the months you want.

ATTENTION! If you order several packages, these will be sent out as separate shipments, and shipping will be added to all shipments.

Good to know if you order other items together with the yarn club

The other items in the order will be sent as usual within 1-5 days. Shipping is charged according to normal conditions . If your order qualifies for free shipping, this will also apply to the yarn club.

Payment for the entire order is made when the other items in the order are shipped. If you do not want this, you can place your own separate order at the yarn club.