Garnklubben September

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The yarn club of the month contains:

1 skein Thin pure merino wool (100 g)or Thin merino blend (100 g)or Lace mohair/silk (50 g), or 1 set of socks in Thin sock merino 100 g + 20 gor Thin sock merino 100 g + 50 g (choose the options you want above )🏼)

+ 1 knitting needle
+ something good

The sock sets consist of 100 g + 20 g or 100 g + 50 g yarn. Feel free to use the small skein for the back board, heel and toe, or make your own unique socks. You can vary with stripes, patterns etc. 120 g of yarn is normally enough for a pair of socks up to size 46. 150 g should be enough for a pair of socks in size 39, as well as e.g. pulse warmers or a hat. Even though it's called sock set, it can be used for all kinds of small garments, such as hats, mittens, scarves, etc.😉

The yarn is very soft, while being durable.

Suggestions for recipes:

Penny Socks

Ruffle Socks

Everyday Socks

Venus socks

Trocadero socks

Princess shuttle

More information

Thin pure merino wool
🐑 100% extrafine merino wool
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm 28 m / 10 cm 100 g = 400 m00 m

Thin merino blend
🐑 85% extrafine merino wool / 15% nylon
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm 28 m / 10 cm 100 g = 400 m00 m

Lace mohair / silk
🐐 75% superkid mohair / 25% mulberry silk
✔️ Untreated

🥢 3-5 mm 18-24 m / 10 cm 50 g = 420 m20 m

Thin sock merino
🐑 75% extrafine merino wool / 25% nylon
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm 28 m / 10 cm 100 g = 420 m + 20 g = 84 m84 m

Thin glittermerino✨
🐑 80% extrafine merino wool / 15% nylon / 5% gold stellina
✔️ Superwash

🥢 3 mm 28 m / 10 cm 100 g = 400 m + 20 g = 80m 80m

This is how the Yarn Club works

The yarn color is a secret until you open this month's yarn club package, but is based on the illustrations. We guarantee that these are unique colors / compositions made in connection with the yarn club. In addition, you get two surprises in the package! 🥳 

Unique Yarns Yarn Club sends out a package on the 15th of each month, so we must have your registration by the 1st in order for you to receive a package in the relevant month. This month, the broadcast will be a few days later due to. holiday settlement. There is no lock-in period, nor is a subscription created, so you order the package the months you want.

NOTE! If you order several packages, these are sent out as separate shipments, and shipping is added to all shipments (maximum NOK 49 per shipment).

Good to know if you order other items together with the yarn club

The other items in the order will be sent as usual within 1-5 days. It is charged for one shipping per. shipment, and the shipping amount at checkout showsoverall freight. This means that the checkout shows a total amount of shipping of up to NOK 147 (up to 2 yarn club packages + own shipping for other items - above this free shipping will come in). If your order qualifies for free shipping, this will also apply to the yarn club.

Payment forall the order will be completed when the other items in the order are shipped.

Delivery & shipping

We ship with Posten / Bring and only offer standard shipping for Garnklubben.

Estimated shipping is 1-5 business days, depending on where in the country you live.