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Handdyed -dyed Norwegian wool in colors inspired by rocks and crystals.

Fine wool is a 2-thread carded yarn made from 100% Norwegian wool supplied by the well-known Norwegian manufacturer Rauma Garn. Finull is one of Rauma Garn's great prides with its long sailing time. It is a yarn that can be used for most things and gives light, airy and warm garments. Fine wool is suitable for felting. Yarn qualities in 100% wool provide garments that warm and breathe even in a humid condition. This makes the garments excellent for hiking and activity, as well as for everyday use.

Fine wool is produced at Rauma Yarn's factory in beautiful Romsdalen. Here they card, twist, spin, wash, dye and skein the yarn from 100% Norwegian wool. This is an all-Norwegian product!

Norwegian wool is especially characterized by good durability, elasticity and resilience. Spun as carded yarn, wool provides the ideal balance between functionality and comfort. The result is light, airy and easy-to-use garments with a long life.

Unique Yarns has been allowed to make our own mark on this fantastic yarn with our unique colors and / or compositions. We use acid dyes, which are gentle on the environment and give clear, very durable colors.

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🐑 100% Norwegian wool
✔ Untreated

đŸ„ą 2.5-3.5 mm | 👕 24-26 st / 10 cm | đŸ§¶ 100 g = 350 m

Please note that the actual product color may vary from the visual representation on this website. There may also be variations in different batches. It is therefore recommended to buy enough yarn for your project in one order.

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