(Translated from Italian with Google Translate)

"It is very important for us to explain to you how we work and where the materials we use come from.

In our province of Vicenza and its surroundings, we are fortunate to have a huge network of tailors, knitters, tanneries, leather goods and companies making buttons, zips, cords and fashion accessories.

Our work comes from the collaboration with these companies.

These craftsmen and industrialists work for the big fashion houses, big companies that are the envy of us all over the world. In these places the product is created. People work to create and that's great. In our area, market research on materials is one of the most comprehensive, stimulating and original. Every six months, stylists, pattern makers and tailors always come up with something new. They try to throw just like all inventors.

All these materials are obviously not thrown away in the true sense of the word, but set aside. We buy these materials which we then use and with a lot of patience and a lot of time we combine them in the bags.

Here is a brief description of the materials we use:

The fabrics are designed to make furniture such as sofas, chairs, seats, etc ... they are highly resistant, fireproof, dirt resistant, stain resistant fabrics and inside them during production an anti-slip mesh is woven which makes them very resistant. All functions that are obviously well suited to the realization of our products.

The leather: The regenerated leather is a kind of recycled leather felt . The remains of genuine leather are taken, macerated, mixed with rubber and spread on a cotton cloth. Genuine hides and skins, on the other hand, are always part of the factory leftovers that would otherwise not have been used. Tanning tests, prints and so on.

The accessories , from cordura, to metal elements, from buttons to tape, are all materials recovered from companies that have leftovers and no longer use them.

This means that each product is made with recycled Italian materials and that each model is difficult to copy. A Maggiociondolo bag is unique, especially made with certain fabrics and colors. »