5" needles for Lykke interchangeable circular needle sets

From kr 75,47

Extra pairs of needles for interchangeable circular knitting needle sets. Brilliant if you knit several projects with the same needle size. These needles fit the set of long/regular needles, and are 12.5 cm/5".

Lykke knitting needles are made of strong birch, and are wonderfully smooth and light. This means that the wrists do not get as much strain as they do with heavier needles. The smooth surface makes them easy and comfortable to knit with.

Both metric and American sizes are engraved into the needles so it does not wear off.

More information

Lykke knitting needles and accessories are produced by a cooperative in Nepal which focuses on fair wages for the workers, and which contributes to e.g. schools and education for the local population. The manufacturer has a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects.