Om RainSisters

RainSisters is a small, independently owned clothing brand and company based in Riga, Latvia. They were founded in 2018 and are run by 3 sisters: Zanda, Zaiga and Zane. They combine their experience in architectural design, textile technology and finance with their passion for fashion.

All RainSisters coats are made from fabrics bursting with color and boldly stylized floral motifs to brighten any day and make you feel special, confident and exceptionally feminine. You can be sure that you won't disappear in the crowd with a coat from RainSisters! The coats are made with a focus and emphasis on functionality, sustainability, quality and classic cuts. All their coats are made of a special membrane material; a woven fabric that is flexible and functional, but also soft and incredibly comfortable.

To put it simply, the coats will:

Protect you from rain and wind
Keep you warm and maintain comfortabe body temperature
Let your skin breathe and feel comfortable

These coats are just amazing! Uncompromisingly, they protect against all kinds of wet weather and wind, while keeping you dry and comfortable - and you look SMASHING!